Certified eco pellets

4,9 kWh/kg.

RELEASED HEAT (2 kg pellets = 1 l heating diesel)

100% WOOD

(pure wood)

WATER < 8%

WATER CONTENT (moisture)

Why eco pellets?

Wood pellets are made from compacted under high pressure sawdust. The final product can have a size of 6 mm – 8 mm in diameter and up to 35 mm in length. The moisture content can be maximum 8%. Unlike other types of solid fuels, pellets are easy and convenient to handle and the residual ashes is minimal (up to 0.5% of the weight). The comfort they create is equivalent to the comfort achieved by burning natural gas.
The long-term expectations of this type of fuel are it to be much cheaper than other fuels like the natural gas.
BG PELLETS LTD offers bags with a weight of 15 kg that are convenient when loading the hopper of your burner or boiler

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    About us

    Here we will tell you in brief about us, company foundation and its activities: BG PELLETS LTD is among the leaders in production and distribution of pellets both in Bulgaria and overseas. In 2015 the company launches its newly constructed plant for production of pellets from wood bio-mass, equipped and certified according to the most innovative and advanced technological solutions in the area.
    BG PELLETS LTD produces pellets from fresh beech (broad-leaved) wood. During production no adhesives and chemicals are put into.